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ТОО «ратиофарм Казахстан»
Тел : + 7 (727) 325 16 15
LLP "ratiopharm Kazakhstan"
tel.: +7 (727) 325-16-15

Teva in Kazakhstan

Teva's activity in Kazakhstan could be an example of the company's attention and responsibility with regard to all the sixty markets in which it operates. This attitude is a key component of Teva's mission - to provide patients around the world with quality and affordable medical products. Teva included Kazakhstan in the cluster of priority markets for further investments.

Teva has started operations in Kazakhstan in 1998, and today is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Kazakhstan market with a portfolio of 247 products. Kazakhstan branch of Teva currently employs 190 people.

During 20 years of operations in the Kazakhstan market, Teva serves its main goal - ensuring the health, safety and high quality of life for patients in Kazakhstan.

* Actavis, IVAX, PLIVA and ratiopharm are part of the Teva Group.

Our goal and values


Our goal opens a new perspective on people: through the prism of health, and not just through the prism of the disease. We not only help sick people to recover - as we have always done - but also help healthy people to maintain their health. We consider the widespread development of the health system at all levels to be our main goal and aspire to assure that as many people as possible feel better, including our patients, clients, partners.

Our values determine who we are. They express what we believe as a company, and reflect our best qualities. We are always guided by them:



We value action. We are doers. We come to life when we have deadlines to meet and problems to solve. We are proud of our ability to mobilize resources to achieve the impossible.



We make many things better, faster, more affordable. To achieve the best results is our passion. We show maximum creativity where new opportunities are open and it matters. While we are never creative when it comes to compliance with regulations or to the safety and quality of our products, we look for original and better ways to excel, and discover solutions for current and future obstacles.



We care about our patients and their families. We care about doctors and nurses who help people feel better every day. We want health services to be available continuously and to all who need them. Welfare of society and the entire planet we live is important for us. And, of course, we care about our employees around the world.



We are proud of changing people's lives for the better. We are proud to work in the industry directly affecting the well-being of society. We have a responsibility to uphold this legacy and to apply the highest ethical and moral standards to everything we do. And at the end of the day, when we go home and tell our families about our actions and decisions, we know they can be proud of us - and of Teva.



We love being first. We love it when we lead and shape the industry. We appreciate the courage and entrepreneurial spirit. We have the courage to keep our minds open: reach out, ask questions, identify opportunities in unexpected places and tap into them. The thinking of the winners makes us a company Teva.