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Charitable Event of ODR-Eurasia for Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Every year on April 11, the whole world celebrates World Day against Parkinson's disease (on the birthday of the English scientist J. Parkinson, the first researcher of the disease).

Teva Kazakhstan participated as a benefactor in the Action of "Scandinavian Walking Wins Parkinson's Disease - Marathon of Two Capitals" which was organized by the RPO "ODR-Eurasia" and was held on 11 of April of this year in Almaty and Astana.




The purpose of the action:

  • draw public attention to the problem of Parkinson's disease in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the propaganda of Nordic walking among patients,
  • holding a free master class on Scandinavian walking for those diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and transferring special sticks for walking.

Despite the rainy weather, patients with Parkinson's disease from Almaty, Kapchagay and Taldykorgan took an active part in the event.

The professional trainer firstly made a theoretical introduction, which was about the benefits and features, and after that, he taught the patients the warm-up and the technique of Scandinavian walking on the practice

All patients participating in the action received a stick for Scandinavian walking.

Along with the Almaty action, such event was held in Astana.

The staff of the medical department and the branch of Rx department of Teva Company visited this event, took a few photos from the action in Almaty. Action was held in the Botanical Garden, the Japanese Garden.

We are pleased that Teva Kazakhstan was able to support and participate in the action "Scandinavian Walking Wins Parkinson's Disease - Marathon of Two Capitals" April 11, 2018, Almaty.


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